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Holiday Custody Agreements: What Is Typical?

When you share custody of your children with a former spouse, holidays are always a sensitive time of year. While it is typical to trade off who gets to spend Christmas with the children, you and your co-parent can agree on an arrangement that serves your family best.

Holiday Custody Options

If conventional holiday custody agreements don’t sit well with you, then talk with your co-parent to figure out a schedule that you both can agree on.

· Split the Holiday Vacation: Many custody agreements start at 6 pm on the last day of school to halfway through the Holiday break for one parent. And then onto the next parent for the rest of the vacation. That way, each parent has time with their children during the holiday break. In addition, many parents opt to save Christmas morning to be celebrated when their kids are back home.

· Split Christmas Day: You can split up Christmas day, allowing the kids to celebrate Christmas morning with one parent and Christmas dinner with the other. That way, neither parent is alone on Christmas Day.

· Trade-Off Each Year Thanksgiving/Christmas: Some custody agreements trade between Thanksgiving and Christmas. If your kids are with your ex-spouse on Thanksgiving this year, then you’d have them over Christmas. And then the next year alternates.

· Give Up Christmas to Earn Time During Summer: If Christmastime is not especially important to you, you can let your spouse share that time with the children. Then you can reallocate your time with them for an extended summer vacation.

· Celebrate Christmas Morning Together: It is increasingly popular to meet with the whole blended family for big events. For example, both parents can meet up for Christmas morning to share in the kids opening gifts. Or you can have a combined Holiday dinner where you all share your best memories throughout the year. Of course, new spouses and children come as well to have a combined celebration.

There isn’t one way to celebrate the holidays with a modern family. Bring up these mixed options to your co-parent to determine if any would work for your family. The holidays are a special time for many families, and you want to make it the happiest for all involved.

If you have questions about changing your holiday custody agreement, but don’t know where to start, contact Miles & Hatcher, LLP. Give us a call to schedule a free consultation: (909) 481-4080.

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