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Custody Nightmares: Options for Sharing Custody on Halloween

While it’s fun to dress the kids up for trick-or-treating, parents don’t want to face other spooky nightmares like custody issues. Holidays can be a challenge for parents sharing joint custody, especially because both parents want to be involved in the festivities and fun with their children. Not only is Halloween the scariest holiday of the year because of the costumes and decorations, but it can also be difficult when kids are being passed between the parents.

Why Custody Is a Concern During the Holiday Times

There are two reasons why co-parents can have custody disagreements during the holiday season. First, both parents might want to spend the day with the kids because of the holiday celebrations. So, a clear schedule needs to be in place to determine which parent will spend each holiday with the kids.

Another reason holidays can be challenging is if one or both parents want to make other plans without the kids on Halloween. This situation can bring up resentment if the parent who has the kids for the holiday feels “stuck” that day and would rather be doing something else.

Don’t Put the Kids in the Middle

Holidays can also be when spiteful ex-spouses can do things intentionally to upset the other parent. This is known as “revenge parenting” and can be a problem for the children since it puts the kids in the middle of the situation. One example is if one parent withholds access so the other parent can’t see the kids during this holiday season.

The easiest way to avoid this problem is through maturity on both sides. Additionally, a clear custody agreement should list the holiday schedules so there are no questions about where the children will spend each holiday. Often, parents have rotating schedules, so they spend different holidays with the children every other year.

Need Help with Custody Agreements?

Whether you are enforcing a current custody agreement or need help revising the agreement, it’s essential that you have an experienced custody lawyer to help. Call Miles & Hatcher, LLP, to schedule your free consultation: (909) 481-4080.

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