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What Are the Risks of Being an Accomplice of a Crime?

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Whether you were distantly involved in a crime or worked closely with the person who committed the crime, you may still be charged as an accomplice. An accomplice is just as guilty as the person who committed the offense if the crime was foreseeable.

What Does It Mean When a Crime Is Foreseeable?

An accomplice is found equally guilty of a crime if the crime is deemed foreseeable. This means if the accomplice had any indication that a crime would happen, they are also responsible.

Take a look at some examples of an accomplice being found guilty of a crime:

· The lookout for a bank robbery can be found guilty of the robbery charge.

· The lookout of a bank robbery can be found guilty of aggravated assault or murder even if they never entered the building. For example, if they are watching out for a bank robbery but know their friend has a gun, the crime that happened is foreseeable.

· A person transporting drugs can be found responsible for drug trafficking, even if they are never aware of the type of drug or how much they are carrying. Ignorance will not get you out of a charge if you know that you are helping to transport drugs.

· A driver in a gang shooting can be charged with the same crime as the person who pulled the trigger.

· The person who distracts the cashier of a store is an accomplice to the person who stole the goods from the store. If the crime is foreseeable and the accomplice knows they are taking part in making it happen, they are charged as well.

Know the facts before getting involved in criminal behavior. Be sure to partner with expert lawyers to guide you through your run-in with the law.

Our criminal lawyers at Miles & Hatcher, LLP, can help you through a criminal charge. Always ask for a lawyer when being asked about a crime. Provide your name and phone number, and do not offer any other details about the crime until your lawyer is present.

We are experienced lawyers who can help you navigate a charge as an accomplice of a crime. Give us a call to discuss your options at (909) 481-4080.

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