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New Year's Goal: Setting Up Affairs to Avoid Probate

The way you structure your estate and property right now will affect what happens when you are no longer around. With the right planning, you can save your beneficiaries both time and money, helping to minimize the problems of transferring the property and assets.

Probate is often unavoidable. But a good estate plan and an experienced attorney can help your family navigate the situation and quickly settle your affairs.

Always Plan in Advance

The best way to reduce the stress of probate is by having a plan in place that shows how the assets should be distributed. There is always a long list of financial and legal steps that need to be taken when someone passes away. Lengthy probate processes are more common when the deceased didn’t prepare with an estate plan and a last will and testament.

Do you currently have an estate plan in place? If not, it’s a great time to talk to a lawyer for assistance! Many people feel that the New Year is an optimal time to organize their lives. Setting up an estate is a critical step that will help you be prepared for any unexpected events that might happen in the future.

Even if you are around for many more years, your estate plan will offer the peace of mind in knowing that you are always prepared. Then, when the time comes, your executor oversees the responsibility of coordinating how the will is managed. This process is coordinated through the probate court and requires extra steps and paperwork to appoint an executor if one isn’t already named.

Your estate plan will help by simplifying the distribution of all assets, including tangible property and nontangible property.

Talk to a Probate Attorney

Having a probate attorney by your side is an essential step to avoid common mistakes that could be overlooked. Your attorney can help by speeding up the probate process, making it easier to finalize the estate's distribution as soon as possible.

Our team of legal experts is here to help. For more information about estate planning and probate, contact us at Miles & Hatcher, LLP. Book an appointment by calling: (909) 481-4080.

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