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Estate Planning Checklist Before a Major Surgery

Before going in for major surgery, it is best to have your affairs in order. Nobody wants to consider the worst-case scenario. But don’t let superstitions get in the way of being prepared. It is vital to have your estate planning in order before going in for major surgery.

Estate Planning Checklist

What are the most important things to prepare before death? This is a question for all of us, whether we have an upcoming surgery or not. Unfortunately, death is unpredictable, and there’s no reason not to be prepared if something happens. This simple estate planning checklist can help:

· Health Care Power of Attorney: Along with a living will, you can appoint a trusted confidant to speak for you during medical procedures and help carry out your wishes.

· Financial Power of Attorney: The person you appoint would be in charge of all current investment and financial decisions.

· Last Will and Testament: Everyone should have a current will, no matter how old or young. You can state your wishes for your financial assets, digital assets, and name guardians for your minor children in your will.

· Guardianship Nomination: If you do not have a will, you can fill out a simple form stating the guardianship for your children in case both parents die.

· Pre-planning for Funeral Services: Every funeral home has pre-need services for planning your funeral. You can specify your wishes for cremation vs. burial and any particulars of the program. You can also pre-pay and save your family from the financial burden after death.

· Write Letters to Loved Ones: Another way to prepare is to write letters to each of your loved ones. Give them the gift of your love and care in words after you’ve passed on.

When you know your affairs are in order, you can be sure that your loved ones will be cared for after your death. It’s essential to revisit the beneficiaries of your will and insurance policies at every life event, including death, divorce, birth, and marriage, to confirm that everything is still current and accurate.

At Miles & Hatcher, LLP, we can help with your estate planning to be sure that the assets you leave behind are taken care of. If you are wondering where to start, contact our experts today. You can schedule a free consultation by calling (909) 481-4080.

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