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When the Holiday Rush Leads to a Speeding Ticket

The holiday hustle and bustle is no joke. It feels like time is so limited. But adding a speeding ticket on top of holiday bills and worries will not help. Read on for some tips on how to avoid a speeding ticket during the holiday season.

Tips for Avoid a Speeding Ticket

Stay safe behind the wheel this holiday season. And avoid any unnecessary bills. Following these tips for a clean driving record during the holidays is essential.

· Plan Ahead: When you have a holiday party or performance to attend, schedule plenty of time. Remember that loading up the car and grabbing your gift or holiday appetizer adds extra time than normal outings. When you are not rushed, you are less likely to speed.

· Make Extra Time for Weather and Traffic: Calculate weather and holiday traffic into your commute time. You are not the only one with holiday events on your calendar. The roads are busy during the holidays! Think about where you’re going and look up the estimated traffic time. For stormy road conditions, plan to go extra slowly to avoid any accidents.

· Limit Distractions: Food, kids, lights, cell phones, and more can cause distractions while driving. Your foot can press heavy on the pedal when you reach back to break up an argument or lean over to grab a bite to eat. Stay off your cell phone while driving. It can wait.

· Speak Respectfully: Listen to the police officer and vow to do better if you get pulled over. Apologize and express how important safe driving is to you. Your humility may help you out of a ticket.

· Contact a Lawyer: Always be prepared with a trusted lawyer to guide you through your speeding ticket. You can count on your lawyer to advocate for your rights and negotiate a lesser consequence.

Miles & Hatcher, LLP, can help you deal with the aftermath of a speeding ticket. You do not always have to pay the ticket charge and add to your holiday stress. Call to book an appointment with our trusted team: (909) 481-4080.

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