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What to Do If You Have Been Falsely Accused of a Crime

Being falsely accused is frustrating and makes you feel powerless. You may not know the best steps to make the situation better. It is always beneficial to contact a lawyer who will know the ins and outs of the law and where your rights will best serve you.

What To Do

There are some things you can do to help the situation.

· Contact a Lawyer: Meet with a lawyer to discuss your options and learn more about the crime.

· Collect Evidence: Think of any evidence you may have regarding the crime, including video, phone records, or items.

· Keep a Detailed Timeline of Your Alibi During the Time of the Crime: While the time of the crime is fresh in your mind, record in a journal exactly what you were doing that day. Who did you see? Where did you go?

· Make a List of Witnesses with Contact Information: If there are any possible witnesses, make a list and present it to your lawyer.

What NOT To Do

If you are falsely accused and start to panic, be sure NOT to do these things:

· Tamper with Evidence that Makes You Look Guilty: In your panic, you may start to think about some evidence that will make you look really bad. Do not destroy evidence. It will never work in your favor.

· Contact the Victim or Accuser: Do not contact the person who falsely accused you. It is best to work through lawyers for communication so that no altercations occur.

· Talk to Police Without an Attorney: It is best to have your lawyer present before speaking with a police officer so that you have an advocate with your best interest in mind.

Your reputation is essential, and a lawyer wants to help you protect yourself. Heed this advice and learn more by contacting a trusted attorney.

If you find yourself in a problematic situation of being falsely accused, do not hesitate to ask for help and contact Miles & Hatcher, LLP. Our expert team will advise you on the best things to do in your circumstance. Give us a call to arrange a free meeting: (909) 481-4080.

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