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The Differences Between Legal Separation and Divorce

If you have reached an impasse in your marriage where you are ready to venture out on your own and live independently from your partner, you may be considering legal separation or divorce. Let’s take a look at both options so that you can decide which is the best for your situation.

What Is Legal Separation?

In California, you can choose to legally separate from your partner. This will allow you to:

· Be financially independent

· Live separately

· Divide assets and properties

· Set up child custody agreements

All of these options can also be achieved in divorce. But in some cases, legal separation makes the most sense.

Why Choose Legal Separation Over Divorce?

Many couples choose legal separation when they are not ready to make the dissolution of their marriage final. If you want to try out a divorce without the finality, then a legal separation is for you. Here are some marriage benefits that you can still take part in when legally separated:

· File joint taxes

· Keep the family health insurance

· Receive social security benefits

Some people choose legal separation to put off the expenses and complex dividing of assets that come with divorce. For example, if you are not sure it is time to part ways, you can try living separately without painfully working through the logistics of divorce.

Other people choose legal separation who do not have religious beliefs that align with getting a divorce. No matter the reason, the best way to decide which option is right for you is by hiring a lawyer and discussing your possibilities.

Hire a Family Law Attorney

For those considering divorce, legal separation can be an unnecessary step that delays the inevitable. However, you have control over what your divorce looks like. It doesn’t have to be messy or expensive. When you hire the right lawyer, you can find a way to amicably part ways.

If you have questions regarding family law, give Miles & Hatcher, LLP, a call. Our team can answer any questions you may have and help put your mind at ease. Call to schedule a complimentary meeting: (909) 481-4080.

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