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The Difference Between Robbery and Burglary and How an Attorney Can Help

If you are not speaking in legal terms, you may use the words robbery and burglary interchangeably. But the truth is there is a significant difference between robbery and burglary, and the charges warrant distinct consequences. So let's find out more about a burglary charge vs. a robbery charge.

Burglary Vs. Robbery

Know the crime's severity before getting involved in the wrong situation at the wrong time. You may not know how serious a robbery charge is until you experience it. So what is the difference between a robbery and a burglary?

· Robbery: A robbery involves a person feeling threatened or physically forced to forfeit their property to the robber. Sometimes physical harm is involved, but even feelings of fear and intimidation warrant a robbery charge. Robbery is considered a violent crime.

· Burglary: The act of entering a person's home or property without permission is considered a burglary. You do not even have to steal anything to be charged with burglary. For example, if you are caught in the home and run away, you are still subject to a burglary charge. In addition, the victim is not present during a burglary, meaning there is no possibility of a robbery charge.

When you know how serious entering a person's home is, even when they are not home, you may think twice about committing a petty crime. You can protect your criminal record by staying educated on what constitutes a burglary or a robbery. If you have already been involved in a crime, it's time to ask for help.

How Can an Attorney Help?

When you hire the right attorney, they can represent you in a court of law. Then, you will get a chance to stand before a judge and accept your charges. We can discuss possible defense claims and make a plan for the case.

You can learn more about your charge and how to reduce your sentence with the help of Miles & Hatcher, LLP. Our experts know how to navigate a criminal charge, whether it be burglary or robbery. We can even get charges reduced or thrown out altogether. Take advantage of our industry knowledge by calling to schedule a free consultation: (909) 481-4080.

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