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Steps to Take as an Executor of an Estate

You’ve been assigned as the administrator or executor of an estate… now what? Being designated as the personal representative for the estate of a loved one can be an overwhelming responsibility if you don’t know what to do. As the executor, you are in charge of overseeing the final details of the estate based on the requests of the deceased. Luckily, you don’t need to carry this responsibility without support.

Steps for Executing an Estate

Here are a few steps that might be included in this process of administration for the estate:

· Talk to an Estate Lawyer: If the deceased set up an estate, then it’s likely that the person has a lawyer to oversee the asset distribution. Talk to the lawyer for assistance. Or, hire a new estate lawyer if a pro hasn’t been selected yet.

· Organize and Manage Paperwork: You’ll likely be bombarded with a variety of forms and paperwork such as insurance documentation, probate action, liability payments and settlements, and more. It’s critical to stay ahead of this paperwork to maximize all benefits and defend the interests of the estate. You will also be responsible for filing the necessary tax documents.

· Distribution of Assets: In most situations, the estate executor is following specific requests as outlined by the deceased. If you have a copy of the person’s last will and testament, then you will distribute the assets as outlined in the document. Not only are you responsible for passing along the assets as instructed, but it’s also important to maintain the value of these assets whenever possible.

Even if you know in advance that you will be the executor of the estate, you don’t hold full authority until appropriate legal proceedings have been completed. It’s important to follow the correct court procedure, which is why it is essential to enlist the services of an experienced estate lawyer.

If you need help with planning an estate, or you have been named the executor for someone’s estate, then our team is here to assist. For more information about these services, schedule a free consultation with Miles & Hatcher, LLP. Call us at (909) 481-4080.

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