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Delaying Divorce Until After the Holidays: Pros and Cons

The holidays are a time for good memories and time with the family. So it can be a difficult decision to divorce during the holidays. If you are considering divorce, weigh your options before making the rash decision to tell your family before the holidays.

Pros and Cons of Delaying Divorce

If divorce is inevitable, you may wonder why you would put it off. Here are a few things to consider:


· One Last Holiday Together: The family can cherish the time together during the holidays without worrying about who will live where. You can decide to focus on now and deal with your marriage status later.

· You May Change Your Mind: Traditions and family togetherness may bring you back to your roots as a couple and rekindle the relationship. If you grow closer during the holiday hustle and bustle, maybe there is hope for the relationship.

· Preserve Good Memories During the Holidays: You don’t want your children to associate the holidays with a negative memory for the rest of their lives. So let them enjoy the holidays if you are safe and in a tolerable situation.


· Increased Fighting During the Holidays: If you decide to put off divorce, you may be leaving your children with even more troubling memories filled with fighting and turmoil.

· Visitors Add Stress: Parents and grandparents visiting from out of town may add stress to an already fragile relationship.

· Not Worth It to Pretend: If you cannot put up with the façade and feel like you’re lying to your friends and family, you may not want to delay the divorce.

· You Don’t Feel Safe: If at any time you feel unsafe in your relationship, mentally or physically, you should not delay separating from the person causing you harm.

We can walk you through the divorce process to help you imagine what it would look like during the holidays. However, it may be worth waiting if you are in an amicable relationship.

Miles & Hatcher, LLP, can be on standby, waiting to help anytime you need us. If things take a left turn and you need legal assistance, call us.

Contact us at any time by calling (909) 481-4080.

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