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Custody Arrangements for the Summer: Build Connection with Limited Time

No matter your custody agreement during the summer, you want to make the most of the time spent together with your children. Make memories, whether you have a week here and there or the whole summer together.

1. Communicate and Plan Ahead: Plan the summer schedule with your co-parent to practice effective communication. If you have a family reunion or summer event that you would like your child to attend, see if your co-parent can be flexible on the custody schedule. If the answer is no, make the time with them special by planning your own events.

2. Quality over Quantity: Focus on the quality of the time you spend together rather than the amount of time. Plan to go hiking, biking, swimming, cliff diving, canoeing, and other summer adventures.

3. Be Present and Engaged: Block out everything else when your child is with you. You can check your email or catch up on work when they are away. Show them that they are a top priority during the time they are in your home.

4. Foster a Routine: Even though summer is a free-spirited time, your child will thrive best when they stick to a schedule. Predictable mealtimes and bedtimes will offer consistency and security for the child, regardless of whose house they are staying at the time.

5. Embrace Technology: If your child is away for the summer, schedule regular video calls. Prioritize the call times, being sure not to reschedule last minute. You can plan to watch a show together or even play an online card game.

Summertime with your children is some of your most precious time. Show them your love by trying to create new memories and honor old traditions. They will never forget the effort you made, even if the hot dogs burn or your camping trip is cut short due to thunderstorms. It’s all part of the fun!

If you need help negotiating a summer custody agreement, Miles & Hatcher, LLP, is ready to help. We can moderate a plan or request specific dates for family reunions or summer concerts. Call to schedule a meeting with our expert team: (909) 481-4080.

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