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3 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Probate Lawyer

When going through the probate process, it’s easy to see why families are often looking for ways to save money. But one good investment that shouldn’t be set aside is the cost of hiring a probate lawyer. It’s essential that you have a good lawyer who has your best interests in mind. Probate can be complicated, but legal services can reduce the common pitfalls along the way.

Questions to Ask a Probate Lawyer

Are you facing the decision to hire a probate lawyer? The best solution is to talk to a few providers to find the right fit for your needs. Here are a few questions you might ask before hiring a probate lawyer:

· What is your specialty? Choosing a lawyer that specializes in probate increases the likelihood that you will have a positive outcome. Instead of hiring someone who works in probate occasionally, make sure that you select a legal pro who has a thorough understanding of this subindustry.

· What are your billing practices? You need to know the lawyer’s hourly rate as well as what you can expect in terms of cost for these services. While cost is an important decision, don’t let it be the single deciding factor. “You get what you pay for” is applicable when it comes to legal services.

· How long will probate take? Each situation is unique, which is why the time for probate can vary from one case to the next. But it’s a good idea to talk to your lawyer about a potential timeline for this process, so you know what to expect going forward.

Through this conversation, you can get a feel for the way the probate lawyer will show up for your family. When choosing a lawyer, find someone sympathetic to your needs, willing to take the time to discuss your case, and forthcoming with all applicable information. Often, you have access to multiple service providers, so clarify if you will be working with one lawyer or a team of probate lawyers.

At Miles & Hatcher, LLP, we are here to assist when you need support with probate and other estate services. If you have questions or need to talk to an experienced attorney, we invite you to book a free consultation by calling: (909) 481-4080.

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