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Back to School: Custody Agreements During the School Year

While life may be more relaxed during the summer and easy to switch off from one parent to the next in the middle of the week, school time is a little less flexible. Once your children reach school age, a 50/50 custody agreement may not always make sense for the situation.

With extracurricular activities and early start times, it may be easier for the parent that lives within the school boundaries to have the kids during the week. But that isn’t the only option. Read on to learn about common custody agreements when it’s time to go back to school.

Custody Agreements for Parents Who Live Less Than an Hour Apart

· 2-2-3: It’s common for both parents to share the weekly responsibilities of getting the kids up in the morning and dropping them off at school on time. When you have school-aged children during the week, you’re working on homework and driving to and from practices. You may choose for one parent to have the kids on Monday and Tuesday, and the other to have the kids on Wednesday and Thursday, and then alternate weekends.

· 1 Week On, 1 Week Off: Another arrangement for school-aged children is alternating full weeks with each parent. This reduces the number of times the kids have to go back and forth between homes. The kids can settle in one home for a full 7 nights, with that parent doing all the carpool and homework duty that week. And then they go to the other parent’s house for the following week.

· Weekends with One Parent, Weekdays with the Other Parent: Perhaps one parent prefers the hustle and bustle of the week and works during weekends, so the other parent takes on the kids during their days off on a Friday-Monday schedule. This can work for a lot of families and their busy schedules.

Custody Plans for Parents that Live More Than an Hour Apart

Suppose a weekday exchange doesn’t make sense because of proximity. In that case, the parent who lives outside the school boundaries can plan to take the kids every other weekend and alternating school holidays. Or they can take them every day off if both parents agree on the plan.

Ask for Help When Arranging Custody Agreements

It can be challenging to settle on an arrangement that works for all parties involved, including being in the children's best interest. At Miles & Hatcher, LLP, we can help you lay out a reasonable and fair plan for both parents. Avoid a disagreement by calling today for a consultation: (909) 481-4080.

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