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5 Tips for Going through a Divorce with Children

The decision to file for divorce is personal and challenging. It is already emotional to split up a marriage and divide assets. And if you have children, the process becomes even more complex.

How can you navigate divorce and save the children from feeling the repercussions? Any step you can take to make your children feel safe is vital during divorce proceedings.

5 Tips to Prioritizing Your Children During Divorce

Each parent’s top priority is their children. It can feel overwhelming to choose divorce when you have children, even if you know it is ultimately the best choice for the family. Help your children through the process by adhering to these tips:

1. Keep Them Out of the Middle: Speak directly to your co-parent instead of communicating through the children. When you ask kids to relay a message, it shows that you are not willing to compromise.

2. Speak Positively of Your Ex-Partner: First and foremost, your ex is your children’s parent, and you can support that relationship by speaking positively about the other. Even if your co-parent is not doing the same, you can take the higher road.

3. Do Not Ignore Their Time with the Co-Parent: Ask about their time with the other parent and celebrate the fun things that they did together.

4. Keep Financial Burdens Confidential: Protect the children from the effects of financial burdens. You can set boundaries and limits for a new budget while staying upbeat about the future.

5. Make Efforts to Keep Both Parents in Their Lives: Plan a party where the other parent will be able to attend. Make compromises that allow the children to see both parents during vacation times. Do not celebrate if your ex-spouse makes mistakes or cancels on the children.

Set your feelings for your ex-spouse aside when you are in the presence of your children. You can be honest and mature without being negative and derogatory toward the other parent. When you show your children that you can have a positive and polite relationship with their mother or father, you will maintain a sense of safety in their family situation.

Let Miles & Hatcher, LLP, help you through this sensitive time. We want to ensure your divorce proceedings are as low-stress as possible. Call to set up a free consultation: (909) 481-4080.

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